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Amongst Every Day



The exhibition running under the title Amongst Every Day, featuring super 8 film footage, the sound and light installations, and the camera obscura image directed to the exhibition space, can actually be considered as one work. Because of their placement and thematics, these works are closely related to each other.

The central theme of the exhibition is light. The presence of this electromagnetic radiation that continuously surrounds us in some form is so natural that it is almost invisible because of its naturalness. The material of the exhibition was inspired by the introduction of analog photography. The completed works tell about this experience.

Camera obscura:

Camera obscura (from Latin meaning „dark room”) or pinhole camera is a lens-less optical device. Being the ancestor of the camera, it had a great impact on the formation and development of photography. The exhibition space has been completely darkened; one side of the black card has been opened due to a circle that has been cut therein. As a result, this optical phenomenon came to fruition.


In the interior of the gallery I covered the floor with white paper during the sound and light installation. Over time, visitors' footprints appeared on this white paper as they were walking up and down the installation, just like a long exposure.

On the recording we see a mirror reflection of a thin mirror film on a dark cardboard. The light spot pulsates cautiously. The one who holds the film tries to stay motionless but his heartbeat and the tiny gestures of his body appear on the picture.

This recording shows the documentation of a light installation. Because of the cropping of the picture, the reflecting objects cannot be seen, only the light reflecting thereof.

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