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Katinka Hajas

contemporary artist

“I am trying to understand and analyze both the reality surrounding me as well as my own inner reality through the tools of sculpture, but without being restricted only by the language of sculpture. The selection of a particular genre and the intellectual content to be displayed are closely interconnected in my work.

For me, a sculpture is a mental object, the space a psychological space, and a motion picture represents the unity of both. I try to create this content in the most minimalist manner possible, thereby providing an appropriate framework for showing changes in the material such as reflection, corrosion, erosion, wear, a lot of which sometimes may seem insignificant. Furthermore, the concepts of balance, motion, and absorbency are also central elements of my work’s message. This perspective often pushes genre boundaries, but at the same is striving to find the unity of our inner and outer worlds.”


2005-2012 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Sculpture program, MA

Masters: Péter Molnár, Zoltán Karmó, Pál Kő, Péter Gálhidy

2000-2004 Bolyai János Secondary Grammar School, Salgótarján, Hungary

Professional achievments:

2023. BME Artist Residency program

2017. Budapest Art Mentor program

2016. Derkovits Gyula Scholarship

2015. Derkovits Gyula Scholarship

2014. Derkovits Gyula Scholarship

2011. studio practice at the Amadeus Sculptural Atelier

2009. My research project was subsidised by the Hungarian University of Fine Arts

2009. Ludwig Scholarhip

2008. Erasmus Scholarship

2008. My project got subsidy at the auction on the Maecenas'Day

2007. Finta Award

Solo exhibitions:

2017 Between every day, K.A.S Gallery, Budapest

2014 Solo exhibition, Room 'Parthenon-fríz' exhibition space, Budapest

2011 Milano 2009 Photo Exhibition, Kálvária, Epreskert, Budapest

2010 Artwork of the Week, Kálvária, Epreskert, Budapest

Group exhibitions:

2023. Leopold Bloom Art Award 2023, Kiscelli Múzeum, Budapest

2023. Light revolution, Light Art Museum, Budepest

2023. Átrajzolt fájdalom, Art 9 Galéria, Budapest

2022. What will be ours, KUBIK Coworking, Budapest

2022. Fokus Europa II + III., Schafhof - Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern, Germany

2021 Circle, Viltin Gallery, Budapest

2021 Light Year 69: Evoke, New York, United States

2020. Look and See, (Lássátok, lássátok) MANK onlie exhibition

2019 In prints (Nyomatokban), Mikve Gallery, Budapest

2019 Multitasking, Molnár Ani Gallery, Budapest

2018 Explorers, Ybl Budai Kreatív House, Budapest

2018 Morning (Délelőtt), Eleven blokk, Budapest

2018 Join the Dots - Connect the Distances, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, Italy

2016 Starting Capital, (Kezdőtőke), m 21 Gallery, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Pécs

2015 derko2014, Budapest, Kunsthalle

2015 INTERVIEW, Miskolci Galéria, Miskolc

2015 Ama II., AmaTÁR, Budapest

2015 I. The 1st National small sculptor Quadriennal, Pécs

2015 derko2015, Budapest, Kunsthalle

2014 derko.pécsi.2014, Budapest, Kunsthalle 

2014 Kolo, ringulus, AmaTÁR, Budapest

2013 Jak-Solitude, Roham bar, Budapest

2013 Mullaringid, Mooste, Estonia

2013 Springtime, Balassi Institute, Budapest

2012 AmaTáR, group exhibition of the artist's of Amadeus House, Budapest

2012 Best of Diploma Exhibition, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

2011 Loft of Commerzbank, Budapest

2007 II. pARTium Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Szolnok

2007 Pál Kő and his followers, House of Arts, Eger

2007 Pál Kő and his followers, Loft of Hotel Grand, Budapest

2006 Reflection, 'Parthenon-fríz’ exhibiton space, Budapest

Art Fair Participations:

2018 Art Market Budapest

2013 Art Market Budapest

Public Artworks:

2016  Edge, Zalaszentgrót, Hungary

2010  walkway of the Northern Battlement, Bench of Tiles, Pécs, Hungary

2013  Earth Circles, Mooste, Estonia


Artist in residency:

2020 Freising, Schafhof - European Center for Art Upper Bavaria, Germany

2013  Moks, Estonia

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