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Earth Circles
earth, 120x60 cm

The two sculptures would visualise the circle of life and the circle of time according to the old Estonian worldview. In my work time and erosion caused by the weather will get an important role because this way will the sculpture work and uncover newer layers of meaning.  The first statue represents the circle of human life, with the major stations: birth, adolescence, marriage, and death. My other work symbolises the inseparable unity of the two major seasons based on the Estonian culture. The middle, coloured earth ring has two colours, red for the summer, and grey which shows the winter.  The dying feature of earth adds to the content regarding the choice of material. The two statues will constantly be wearing out in a coordinated way, and the rammed cylinder of the life circle will be smaller and smaller and will disappear when the last station, death arrives, and at the same time the sculpture symbolising the time circle will also be worn out by time. These two circles as a close and inseparable unit represent the decisive stages of life, as well as the presence of time which is going round and round, along with the passing of the seasons.

Földkörök (4).JPG
Földkörök (2).JPG
Földkörök (5).jpg
Földkörök (3).JPG
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