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Better if it's visible...

Installation making (for adults)

A foglalkozás témája és menete:

In this course we will create a small scale artwork of my installation called ‘Better if it’s visible’. In my previous works (Invisible borders, Landing on the soft side, I guess I’m waiting in a bad way…) I started to explore inner human experiences whose presence in our lives is often hard to detect. For me, these unknown spaces inside us are either emotional prints of the past, or thought patterns that have become so automatic in the course of our lives that they exist almost unnoticeable. These gaps are often emotional wounds and traumas as a result of which our fate and personality transforms. Through these inner weights we are driven into different states and situations, not only in relation to ourselves but to others as well. The installation is a visual representation of these thoughts and emotions . The original installation is made of wood and lead. I damaged (split, hollowed out, sawed, drilled) the same size pieces of wood in different ways, and then cast the openings with lead. The lead changes the wood’s natural equilibrium. The ribbons hanging from the ceiling hold the slabs in their altered state of balance. Course plan: First, I will briefly introduce my work ‘Better if it’s visible’ and discuss its conceptual background and earlier, thematically related works . We will then follow with the implementation of the work. After carving, scraping and sawing the slabs (2x2x40 cm), we will cast the openings with modell iron (this alloy is not harmful to health) and then sand it down until smooth. All required tools will be provided on site.

  • 34 000 magyar forint
  • Budapest 1211 Szérűraktár utca 1-3.


  • +36 70 335 6846

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