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I. The Silver Mouse on the Island

origami coloring storytelling course in four chapters (from the age 7)

A foglalkozás témája és menete:

In the first chapter we learn about the mysteries of Tower City and the story of Silver Mouse’s transformation. In writing this tale I tried to choose traditional origami figures that are easy to make. Origami develops spatial and perceptual skills, introduces the basics of geometry, improves manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, trains short term memory and concentration, and contributes to the development of social skills. Through the courses the participants are enriched with a complete colorful, fold-paper world, in which they can later write their own stories freely. Course plan: Coloring, reading a story. All required tools will be provided on site.

  • 9 000 magyar forint
  • Budapest 1074 Alsó erdősor utca 34.


  • +36 70 335 6846

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