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Invisible Borders

Graphics making (for adults)

A foglalkozás témája és menete:

The participants in the course are given the opportunity to spontaneously create graphics driven by their intuition. In the course we will make graphics that are based on the creative process and conceptual background of my work entitled “Invisible borders”. This graphic series reflects on our hidden boundaries. In the picture a blue ink drop symbolizes a person’s life path. I use impregnated surfaces that refer to traumatic events in every person’s life. These transparent and almost unseen surfaces represent the suppressed emotions from the past. In the picture the ink meets these surfaces each time in a different way. This is a metaphor. These unseen and unresolved fields in the human soul can overwrite reality, and lead our life into different and sometimes unexpected directions. Course plan: First, I will briefly introduce my work ‘Invisible borders’, discuss its conceptual background and reflect on some earlier, thematically related works . We will then follow with the implementation of the work. After that we will start creating a picture (33x41 cm). We will start by making a plan for the composition, and later we apply an impregnating agent for making the surface across which the blue ink drop will drip. All required tools will be provided on site.

  • 15 000 magyar forint
  • Budapest 1074 Alsó erdősor utca 34.


  • +36 70 335 6846

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