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Luminous Friends

Creating luminous friends who help in the dark…

A foglalkozás témája és menete:

It is common to be afraid of the dark as a child. I used to experience this when the lights would go out before I went to sleep, and everything around me disappeared. Then I got fluorescent stickers that kept glowing on my wall until I fell asleep, filling the eerie void surrounding me and allowing me to hold onto the remains of the visible world. This experience inspired me to create this children course, where we make a fluorescent friend who with their special abilities can help us fall asleep. During the course we paint a pre-made plaster figure with colored and fluorescent paint. Finely, in choosing the patterns and colors for your friend, the sky is the limit. All required tools will be provided on site.

  • 12 000 magyar forint
  • Budapest 1074 Alsó erdősor utca 34.


  • +36 70 335 6846

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